Week 3

Silver Round Coins

We have exactly 10 days now to complete the writing section of this assignment and this has been a frustrating week. It seems strange to write this in a post about virtual team collaboration, but I think face-to-face communication is much better than virtual communication. Even though I am an online student and Nicola is (almost) full-time on campus, we are both studying the same MA and have already communicated with one another on discussion boards for other modules. Therefore, we have a common goal. Frustrating as this week has been, knowing that Nicola was experiencing the same difficulties was quite reassuring. We are in constant communication. Feelings of isolation during collaborations must be a problem for virtual teams. Having a colleague in the same location must provide reassurance when working on a project such as this.

Unfortunately, we have had minimal contact with some students. Nicola and myself have emailed, Facebook messaged and posted on Sulis on a daily basis, without success. The exceptions are our French colleagues, who have participated in Facebook messaging, and contributed suggestions for topics and how we might compile the document.

With no further communication from the US students, Nicola and I have decided to choose a topic. We are drawing up an instruction document which explains the basics of using Google Slides. Having never used Google Slides before, I was a little apprehensive, but I needn’t have worried. It is very easy to use and is also a great collaboration tool, as long as there is internet access. Another collaborative tool mastered and it’s only week three!

We continue to send updates about all our decisions to all team members. As it is just the two of us trying to progress the project during the writing phase, we have become the defacto team leaders. This is not causing any difficulties, as both of us are quite focussed and motivated to submit a good document and get it completed on time.


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