Revision time

Last weekend I decided to revisit Lee & Owens, Gagne and Dick & Carey to refresh my memory on Performance, Target and Lesson Objectives. The worry of trying to choose the right capability verb for e-tivity 6.2 came flooding back. Lee & Owens book was my saviour in December 2015, as their explanations seemed simple, in contrast to Gagne and Dick & Carey who I found challenging to decipher. However, reading Gagne over the past few days, I’ve had a change of heart. Perhaps it’s the immersion in Instructional Design over the past 18 months, but I’m finding The Principles of Instructional Design much more approachable now.

Having done some task analysis and front analysis work, I’m feeling more confident about what my course should contain. Looking back over my learning object from last year, I am struck by how much work it involved, but also by how much I enjoyed working with HTML5 and CSS. I had a real sense of achievement at having accomplished something.

I’ve been exploring different development tools for my Summer project but I haven’t yet made a decision on what to use. Familiarity with Articulate is mentioned frequently in job advertisements so I am inclined to choose this tool as it may help my employment prospects.


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