A stranger in a strange land


Can a blog every truly be your own voice?

Isn’t it just projecting an image of yourself that you would like others to see?

If I wrote a diary on paper, then my thoughts would be mine alone. If a blog is a digital diary, then shouldn’t I also be free to say what I like? However, that is not how I perceive blogging. I dither over what to commit to the blogosphere, leaving a digital footprint that may not reflect who I am, but which will outlive me nevertheless. Knowing that other classmates (and possibly lost WordPress searchers) will read my blog, I find myself self-censuring. My blog contains a voice, but it is a voice specifically for my readers.

This MA obliges us to communicate via social media and collaboration tools. Being a digital immigrant, I have not always found it comfortable engaging with these media because of privacy issues. The idea behind keeping a reflective blog is sound. I am marketing myself for the future. The blog is a way of keeping a record of what I am doing for this module and can be used later as an aide memoire.

However, a blog is yet another way of announcing that you have an online presence and it makes you easier to be found. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but some of the time I honestly do not understand why the contemporary need to be seen and heard is so endemic (eye rolls from digital natives). Why is there this clamour for external validation?


One thought on “A stranger in a strange land

  1. nicolateresa February 15, 2017 / 10:14 pm

    I really enjoyed this post, lots of food for thought! It’s funny though – I don’t really relate to any of the feelings you express. I have some privacy concerns, I’m not naive, but in general I love social media in all its forms. Always have really… I also think it’s very exciting as a social justice platform.

    These assignments are great for gaining other perspectives. I may write up my own social media post!


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